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Content Writing & Marketing

Engaging users in a business is considered to be the most important aspect and this can be achieved by good content on the website of the company. Due to this, an essential part of the digital marketing strategy of any business is content marketing. With the help of this, good traffic and new leads can be obtained for the business besides being cost effective as well. Getting hold of online readers is little tricky and so creating compelling online content can be a challenge. But GKMT has a high-end knowledge of this as we are into the field of content marketing and writing from quite a long time. As a leading content marketing agency Australia, we serve the clients from all over the world and provide them with high-quality content writing and marketing services. Our team of expert content developers and marketers, is dedicated to provide an end-to-end solution. With our research and strategies, the businesses are able to avail maximum conversions and also, they are able to reach to a higher position in the industry. We are known for providing affordable and accessible content to all without making any compromise on the quality.



Technical Content

As a well-established content marketing agency in Australia, we provide technical content writing services which are basically technology-based writing. Backed with proper research, we ensure that the solutions provided by us, are properly planned and executed on time. We believe in discussing with the client in the initial phase and then generating the content on the basis of the requirements.

Academic Content

In most of the cases, academic writers are required for development of curriculum. GKMT has some highly trained and expert academic writers, skilled in delivering useful as well as effective learning content before the deadline. Both researchers and students, can get benefit from the high-quality academic papers, which we make with utmost dedication and hard work. We ensure that work which we provide, is not compromised at any point of time.

SEO Content

Optimization of webpage is an essential step if you want your website to rank on top in the major search engines. In this respect, SEO content writing comes into play. GKMT is an expert in this as we are number one content marketing agency Australia. Dealing with us will give you assurance of getting well researched SEO content with deep keyword analysis as well.

Article/Blog Content

Every company should have a well-maintained blog as this helps in reaching directly to the hearts and minds of potential customers. Blog is actually indicative of your brand. If you are facing difficulties in developing a high content blog of your business, come to us and get relieved with all the tensions. GKMT is capable of providing perfect blog content writing services at a very affordable price.

Ghost Content

Having ideas and thoughts are not enough for organizations, it is important to have skill to bring them together on a paper and develop a story interesting for the customers. This can be done by GKMT. We are leaders in the market and known to be trustworthy content marketing agency Australia, capable of providing all type of content writing services including ghost content writing.


Creative designing education elearning

Education & E-Learning

One of the fastest growing industries these days is education and e-learning industry. To make education available to everyone, it has now become essential to have online education or e-learning. Now, the world has also opted for virtual learning. GKMT knows the importance of technology in education and as digital marketing company in Australia, we provide strategic and innovative solutions in education industry. We are here to provide you with education software and e-learning applications at very economical prices which will definitely bring a positive change in your company.


Fashion & Food

Continuous changes occur in fashion & food industry as they are dynamic and fast paced. Since, businesses are focussing more on their online presence these days, it becomes imperative for fashion and food industry to have a digital marketing team so that they gain equal visibility. Here, our company, GKMT can provide with best digital marketing strategies and campaigns for fashion and food brands. We do deep research and find suitable keywords to make your business rank high in search engines. We provide all types of services like SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM etc. and all these are important to create brand awareness.


Real Estate

In order to make a mark in the real estate industry, digital marketing campaign should be the priority. There is continuous increase of competition in this industry, a strategy should be made so that most of the visitors are turned into buyers. For this, it is important to develop proper effective strategies and we can definitely help you in this. We are well established as digital marketing company in Australia and provide digital marketing services for the real estate sector as well. We ensure you to provide digital experience like no other.



Digital marketing services in healthcare sector should ensure that there is clear display of the reputation and services provided by the company. Taking care of this is our expertise as GKMT is known to be one of the leaders in providing digital marketing services. We promote and digitally market the healthcare businesses on internet by providing strategies so that their brand awareness increases and more leads are generated which will make your business grow. Our digital services are always cost effective and our dedicated and well-trained teams work extremely hard to provide customer satisfaction at all levels of our work.



Travel and tourism industry is also going online these days as travellers often search on internet about the reviews before finalizing any travel plans. With digital marketing solutions in this sector, it is possible to see growth by increasing conversion rates, establishing huge customer base and developing better engagement opportunities. As a digital marketing company in Australia, we provide solutions to all these by identifying the target audience and then providing strategies. We ensure that through social media marketing, existing and potential customers get connected.


Retails & Ecommerce

Retail and e-commerce businesses are experiencing tough competition. There are lot many companies these days and so, customers are having many options while buying stuff. Due to this, it becomes essential for the retailers and e-commerce companies to develop web technologies and opt for digital marketing. To get the best digital marketing solutions, you can trust us any day. We are into this business from many years and our developers provide you with the right strategies to witness great growth in the industry. With our digital marketing services, you will be able to operate with much ease and efficiency.