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Digital Marketing @GKMT

GKMT as leading digital marketing company in Australia, gives utmost importance to four main things and these are the message, the people, platform and time. All these are associated with the term ‘right’ ,meaning right people should get the right message through the right platform in right time. It has a simple meaning but is crucial for digital marketing platform. We are here to provide every start-up and business with complete set of integrated digital marketing services. GKMT is one company which take into account the potential of the customer and then design a customer marketing plan by focussing at the broader landscape. This gives an insight about the media, innovation channels and strategy to be used to make the customers reach new heights in its business. We strive to ensure that high quality digital marketing services are provided which results in cost-efficiency, value and cost savings to all our clients. At GKMT, we have talented and enthusiastic people, giving their best to deliver excellent results in digital marketing field and these all make us the best digital marketing company in Australia.

Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is much different from other marketing efforts and is most challenging as well. At GKMT, we understand the metrics and algorithms of search engines deeply and then design innovative strategies to bring your company to a height. Do believe in our digital marketing company in Australia and get recognized in the search engines.
  • backlink Backlinking
  • guest posting Guest Posting
  • Social media bookmarking Social Media Bookmarking
  • Business listing Business Listing
  • Blog commenting Blog Commenting

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the strategies of digital marketing through which the visibility of a website increases in the search engine pages. We are highly experienced in this field and help companies to establish themselves online so that they are able to generate more leads, traffic and revenue.
  • Keyword research Keywords Research
  • Google analytic Google Analytics
  • Site map Site Map
  • Tag Optimization Tag Optimization
  • Pay per click PPC

Social Media Marketing

Want to have an effective campaign in social media marketing? Do come and contact us. We are a trusted digital marketing company in Australia and have much experience in social media marketing. At GKMT, we craft strategic plans and training so that your business and brand are able to find the way to reach new customers.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkdin Linkedin
  • Twitter Twitter
  • Youtube Youtube
  • Pintrest Pinterest
  • Behance

Social Media Optimization

We provide social media optimization services in which your business pages are optimized on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. With our services, the customers would be able to reach to new clients, make huge customer base and develop communication.
  • optimization Social Media Pages Optimization
  • paid ads SMM Paids Ads

Google Adwords

With the help of google AdWords campaign, keywords are selected and then your brand is promoted on the basis of them. We have managed many AdWords campaign at GKMT and we always make unique marketing strategy with which our clients are able to maximize their conversion potential. We try to evaluate the keywords and then design the ads which look compelling in the search engines.
  • Traffic Traffic
  • Lead Generation Lead Generation
  • Reach Offline Footfall


Digital branding makes use of the internet and digital marketing strategies so that the brand is known to large population online. Its main objective is to make the brand recognizable by increasing the awareness of it. We specialize in providing powerful branding solutions so that you are able to get memorable and unique experience.
  • Brand Identity Brand Identity
  • Brand Story Brand Story
  • Brand Positin Brand Position
  • Brand Color Brand Colors & family
  • Brand Color Family Brand Colleterals


Digital Marketing

Education & E-Learning

One of the fastest growing industries these days is education and e-learning industry. To make education available to everyone, it has now become essential to have online education or e-learning. Now, the world has also opted for virtual learning. GKMT knows the importance of technology in education and as digital marketing company in Australia, we provide strategic and innovative solutions in education industry. We are here to provide you with education software and e-learning applications at very economical prices which will definitely bring a positive change in your company.


Fashion & Food

Continuous changes occur in fashion & food industry as they are dynamic and fast paced. Since, businesses are focussing more on their online presence these days, it becomes imperative for fashion and food industry to have a digital marketing team so that they gain equal visibility. Here, our company, GKMT can provide with best digital marketing strategies and campaigns for fashion and food brands. We do deep research and find suitable keywords to make your business rank high in search engines. We provide all types of services like SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM etc. and all these are important to create brand awareness.


Real Estate

In order to make a mark in the real estate industry, digital marketing campaign should be the priority. There is continuous increase of competition in this industry, a strategy should be made so that most of the visitors are turned into buyers. For this, it is important to develop proper effective strategies and we can definitely help you in this. We are well established as digital marketing company in Australia and provide digital marketing services for the real estate sector as well. We ensure you to provide digital experience like no other.



Digital marketing services in healthcare sector should ensure that there is clear display of the reputation and services provided by the company. Taking care of this is our expertise as GKMT is known to be one of the leaders in providing digital marketing services. We promote and digitally market the healthcare businesses on internet by providing strategies so that their brand awareness increases and more leads are generated which will make your business grow. Our digital services are always cost effective and our dedicated and well-trained teams work extremely hard to provide customer satisfaction at all levels of our work.



Travel and tourism industry is also going online these days as travellers often search on internet about the reviews before finalizing any travel plans. With digital marketing solutions in this sector, it is possible to see growth by increasing conversion rates, establishing huge customer base and developing better engagement opportunities. As a digital marketing company in Australia, we provide solutions to all these by identifying the target audience and then providing strategies. We ensure that through social media marketing, existing and potential customers get connected.

Retails & Ecommerce

Retail and e-commerce businesses are experiencing tough competition. There are lot many companies these days and so, customers are having many options while buying stuff. Due to this, it becomes essential for the retailers and e-commerce companies to develop web technologies and opt for digital marketing. To get the best digital marketing solutions, you can trust us any day. We are into this business from many years and our developers provide you with the right strategies to witness great growth in the industry. With our digital marketing services, you will be able to operate with much ease and efficiency.