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Mobile App Development Australia

With the development of an idea, there should be an action that too in an organized and planned way. You can be the next disruptive force in the market by developing a mobile app for your idea. All your dreams will come true by hiring the best app development company in Australia. It is essential that you get mobile applications that are pleasing, functional and easy to use at the same time. At GKMT, we provide many services and one of these being mobile app development services. All the features and functionalities of the app can be customized depending on the requirements of the clients so that your customers get a delightful experience with the app usage. GKMT is one of the best mobile app development Agency in Australia where we develop Android, iOS and Hybrid applications by making use of a futuristic approach. We are in this for years and partnering with us will give you an experience of the best cost-effective team in getting feature-rich mobile applications.

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Android App Development

There are a lot many android users all over the world and to bring your business to a height, it is essential to have an android mobile app. As an app development company in Australia, we provide android development solutions associated with the requirements of the customer. All kinds of innovative technologies and tools are used along with testing of android apps in detail.
  • Java Java
  • Kotlin Kotlin

iOS Design Development

If anyone wants to digitalize the business, the iOS platform is the way. GKMT, being the app development company in Australia, makes use of iOS developers to provide custom iOS development. The app ideas given will be converted into excellent digital tools by making the latest changes to iOS development practices.
  • Shift Shift
  • Object c Objective C


It is always important to select the most suitable framework. We are experts in a hybrid framework as well as these provide core benefits to the customers. We ensure that your cost of app development is minimal and you can provide your app on multiple platforms.
  • React Native React Native
  • FLUTTER Flutter


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Education & E-Learning

There have been many extensions of the education system these days, it is not limited to the cover of a book. Giving a global platform is a must for students, teachers and learners and this digital application is essential. There can be an increase in the scope of the students with mobile applications for the education sector which will brighten their future as well. There is seamless connectivity between education and the world due to education mobile app development. GKMT, being web design company in Australia, deals in app development as well. We excel in providing e-learning applications that would be very useful to teachers and students at all levels. .


Fashion & Food

Every year there is an increase in the fashion & food industry as it is considered as the evergreen industry. With the development of mobile applications in these, the profit is increased by many folds. Growth is immense and all companies are diversifying their businesses by developing digital platforms. Ordering food to buy fashion apparel, everything is on mobile applications. As a recognized web designing and development company in Australia, GKMT provides all the solutions in a digital world. We are well known as app development Australia and with the help of exceptionally well-designed teams, we are capable of taking your food & fashion industry to the next level.


Real Estate

The real estate industry is considered as a large platform where customers and business partners are diversified and there is extensive use of technology. There is a need to provide a personalized touch to the customers as this business deals with buying, selling and renting properties. Thus, developing a good connection with the customers is possible with the help of real estate mobile app solutions. We are here to develop the latest mobile app technology so that you can have a large customer base. Getting in touch with GKMT puts an end to your search for a real estate app development company in Australia.



Consciousness regarding health, fitness and diet plan is an essential thing these days and everybody is giving it a priority as well. For this, the healthcare industry must go for mobile applications. GKMT is one solution to get healthcare mobile app development solutions. We expertise in enhancing operational efficiencies and ensures internal processes are conducted easily. As a well-known app development company in Australia, we provide customized and professional healthcare applications within your budget for Android, iOS and Hybrid users. We ensure that smart and creative features are added to the applications of our clients.



Today in the world of digitalization and technology, the travel industry is not an exception. It has maintained its pace by getting into mobile app solutions. Every business has got its mobile app solutions and the same is with the travel industry. We have a tech-savvy team of experts at GKMT who ensure that your travel mobile application is interactive and innovative at the same time. Known as the best app development company Australia, we shape the travel solution in terms of technology so that customers can make a fair decision about their next travel destination.

Retails & Ecommerce

Online presence is capable of making the profit double in all types of small and large-sized businesses. Retail and e-commerce businesses have entered into this technology long back. Now, mobile app solutions are giving them even more advantages. Customers can do online shopping with the help of mobile apps for retail and eCommerce stores. Working with GKMT, you get the advantage of getting your mobile app developed from the smartest retail e-commerce app development in Australia. All the features that are added in the mobile app developed by us are functional and sophisticated which prove to be extremely useful for them.