Privacy Policy

The privacy policy given by us to our customers will assure you that any details that have filled anywhere on our site or any data entered by you for any means will be never misused by us.


Our privacy policy defined

Any content, data or information, references, or third parties links entered on our site www.gkmtit.com is purely meant to render effective communication, reference and information. The information or data mentioned by you and collected by us are important in the eyes of our business and we take care of it with utmost and proper privacy and safety. Any information collected by us is solely for future purposes. We store every data and information very confidentially from anyone.


The information we have

?       We collect the information entered by you just to make sure that the process of communication will be effective while purchasing from us.

?       Any information entered by you relating to feedback or delivery is for the purpose to improve the working of our site timely.

?       Because to grow any website, information between sender and receiver is crucial.


About your information security

The data and information entered by you is safe and we do not use it for doing any misuse or fraud with you. It is only been taken just to enhance and improve the communication between you and the website for the speedy delivery of the product. We use every information in the best manner which decreases the risk of leaking the information to other sites.

We do not sell or rent your details entered by you while purchasing to any third party, which ensures the information and data like name, contact numbers filled secure and safe.

The data can be used for future prospective, but only by us for improving the working style of the website. The privacy policy provided by us is trustworthy and safe which does not make your data leak in every possible way.


Exceptions in the privacy policy

Our privacy policy will protect your information and data on our site, until and unless you have not attempted any of the following events while browsing through our website

?       Until we sold our website or business to anyone else.

?       Any legal notice or draft demand to disclose your information whether by website way or through your way.

?       In terms of giving support to the act of fraud and violence for reducing the risk of fraud in the world.


Third-party links to our site

While you are going through the site of GKMT, you will find the links which direct you towards other sites or any third party sites. But it does not mean that your information will be sent to that third part also. Any information entered on www.gkmtit.com will stay with us and not be endorsed to any other site. The links which you find on our site are just for you to go through their privacy policy before making any purchase on our site.


Electronic security defined

As your data and information entered is traveled through digitalization and then received by us, we are not liable if any data leaked in between for electronic transmission as it is not in our control. But we have adopted all possible and best methods which ensure you that information will not leak while the electronic transmission and it is safe and secure until it is there with us.


Changes to any policy

GKMT always keeps changing its policy timely just to update new information and products, or for collecting or improving the working style reviews and modification without any prior notice to any of our customers.

Hence, you are requested to keep visiting our page daily to get updated on our new privacy policy. While you can see the date of the modification at the end of our privacy policy or any policy.