Refund Policy

The refund policy of GKMT is purely based on standardised practices which follows the industrial criteria. The refund claims are processed with refund parameters which makes sure that the judgments taken by us are justified and togetherly acceptable. The refund policy of ours has been treated with appropriate measures which help in settling downs the different types of claims that originate from assortments of needs and business situations.


GKMT coverage scope

It is the refund policy which covers the action and approach of GKMT refunds. But this policy will not apply to the companies which we donot own or doesnot have control over it, to those individuals or employees or their party which website have been linked to www.gkmtit.com

When a customer is liable to get a refund from GKMT?

If you have any problem-related to any product, you need to consult it with the technical team and then the panel of judges. Whereas a person is liable for a refund when nothing can be done to solve the problem. But before refunding, we make proper research about the thing for which it is refunded and if the product falls in any category given below, you will get refunded.

?       The process of development or post-sales has not started yet.

?       If the products can not be in a situation of rectifying, resolution and fixing.

?       If you have not messed up with our payment criteria.

?       When you have not used any information about our business for your benefits.

?       The reasons or norms in which you are demanding the refunds need to be true and verified.

?       If the team has started working on client project. Then the time and efforts involved will be deducted and the rest of the amount will be refunded.

GKMT methods of refunding

?     Pre refund - Your query for the refund is processed, analysed and checked. You need to match the query with the parameters of refund policy. A full or partial refund can apply to your choice.

?     Post refund - You are required to sign a proof agreement. Until and unless, itis not told by us, you cannot destroy or damage the proof or information.

?     Transaction - After the refund agreement is signed, between 7 to 10 days, you will get back your money. And the currency in which you have paid will be refunded to you either by bank transfer or other means.


GKMT changes

The refund policy of GKMT is not permanent, itis temporary and changes from time to time. Thatis why you are requested to keep a look at www.gkmtit.com to get informed for any changes in the refund policy.