Terms and conditions

At GKMT, we assure you that we perform our best possible methods to meet the deadline. But it is not possible if the control of the deadline is not in our hands like if the issues are with deployment, third party support, the occurrence of bottlenecks, communication delays, resource availability, and other issues.


At GKMT, clients will get an opportunity to review their content and appearance which have been developed while project execution and completion. We aim at providing a seven days window program in which clients can come and revise the appearance and content present on our site. And if it is not done by the client, then the content will be assumed approved and accepted.


If any copyright issues are found on logos and files, given by a client or owned by the client, then the client name will permit us to use them after modifications. And copyrighting from any other website will be solely the client issues. GKMT has no responsibility for any mishappening conducted by a third party. The responsibilities will include deletions, modifications, or additions. But we can rectify it on additional charges.


GKMT payment conditions

We reserve the right manner of accepting the cheque, cash, and bank transfers, and we are not liable to say no to it. We have also the right to change any price given on our products without informing the customers and can also take back any of the payment methods anytime. If any client is canceling or backing off from any project, the fees will be charged by the state of the project for the discontinuation or cancellation part.


GKMT third party conditions

We provide free of cost facility support to the client for the first month when they have joined. Whereas after that period an hourly rate will be charged from the client.  But the support is only up to big fixes and mail support. Any support for change in rules, architecture, enhancements are excluded from it. Any product or services of third party links linked to our website for payment demanding, licensing, copyright, will be the client liability and responsibility. But these could be done on behalf of us with a chargeable fee. We do not provide any guarantee or warranty of the product and services of a third party. Hence GKMT considers any third party to not be a crucial part of our website.


GKMT enhancement, reworking and rebuilding conditions

The modification management by us is a place where additional products or services are offered which is beyond the original project scope. We have a policy in which we do not charge minors but if they attempt any wrong or abusive things for the website, we are liable to charge extra from them. And it will range from $10 to $15.

This list will be provided by us for all of our clients. We usually fix a project price, but if any enhancement or add-on will be made, we are liable to take it in advance from our clients. The charges for reworking or tweaking will also be charged. And the payment for the project delivery needs to be delivered by the due date without discounts, no settlements, or deductions.


GKMT liability limitations

We do not include our employees and contractors from the following

Liability due to the commission, time, negligence, etc which aims at damaging the liability of the website. This liability also includes damage to artwork, content, or data provided by the client whereas the losses can occur because of any reason.


We are not responsible for any damages made from the tort damages, contract or otherwise. But it excludes the damage caused by personal injury or death. We are not liable for any third-party liability and hence we do not take responsibility for them.


GKMT delivery and approval conditions

Any ongoing project at www.gkmtit.com after its approval will be posted or uploaded on the client website but will only be visible to the customer who is a part of the project. We transfer the destination server after the approval of the project. Hence, we reserve all the rights to delay the transfer, until and unless the full payment is being released by the client. All the material, codes, and ownership will only be transferred, once the client has made the full payment. The completed projects will be posted on our site to generate new customers.


GKMT timescale

We started working on our project, from the day we got the information of approval from the client-side for agreeing to the 30% to 40% payment. The submission of the project shall be increased if the control is not in our hands.


GKMT jurisdiction

The terms and conditions given on our site are come and governed under the Indian law. Whenever a customer places an order to use our product and services he/she agrees to the terms and conditions.



These terms and conditions are not fixed and can be changed anytime because of a change in the law or something. Hence you are required to read all the terms and conditions before placing an order with us.